Reasons For High Prevalence Of Cancer Today

Fate doesn’t decide whether you get cancer or not because cancer develops for a reason and this reason is the way we are now living. It is only a problem in developed countries as it is still very little in undeveloped countries. When you understand what cancer is and the reasons why it appeared you would understand what you can do to reverse it and the changes that are necessary to become cancer free.



Cancer is always a disease of the immune system or more correctly has appeared because the immune system was not functioning efficiently. You cannot get cancer unless there’s upset in the immune system, so the key to surviving it is to enhance this system. Again, there is no such thing as a single cause of cancer because it has many contributing factors. The food we eat every day is the main one, and that is because people in developed countries where the cancer rate is highest are eating many foods processed in a factory.

Human beings cannot live without fresh food as it’s our fuel that keeps us healthy. The foods we are eating in our modern world now days is refined, but these foods are nutritionally dead because of their processing. It doesn’t matter whether they were processed last week or last year, it is dead food. We have moved away from eating foods in their natural state to main foods that man has interfered.

Our sedentary lifestyle also contributes to cancer. It will only develop when the immune system isn’t functioning properly, and this primary self-healing system which is an essential part of the body needs a muscular activity for it to work properly. That’s why we all need a little daily activity to aid the functions of the immune system.

We live in a chemical world today and are subject to the adverse effects from them because they are in the products we are using, especially the ones we apply to our skin. Personal care products all contain chemicals that are extracted from crude oil and when applied to our skin is absorbed into our body through our skin and into our blood stream. Many of these chemicals have not been tested for long term health problems.

Another contributing factor to cancer is emotional stress and can play a big part why someone has been diagnosed with it. Bankruptcies, business crisis, confrontation with a spouse or neighbors are all emotional stress and are known factors that lead to cancer.



Our drug based approach to cancer today focuses solely on removing it but fails to address the underlying cause, and that’s why it often returns. If you haven’t removed the reasons why it first developed, then it’s only going to come back again in some other area, and that’s when it becomes dangerous. Remember our treatments today are money orientated whereas nobody can profit from dealing with the many factors that are causing it.

To overcome the problem, you need to change your internal environment to one that creates health and not cancer, and you do that by carefully choosing the food you eat and the way you live. Changing your lifestyle is the most efficient way to overcome all cancers.